planners, and proud to fill this role!

The firm is born by the idea of Emiliano Vettore and Diego Pellizzaro, friends from the times of the university. Both urbanists, graduates to the IUAV in Venice, they are leaders of the same professional and successful experience of Green DEV. associated study, one of the main national realities working on the mitigation to the climate change and on the sustainable energy. Adapt ev. wants to represent for the two founders a new entrepreneurial challenge: to trasform their passion and their environmental ethics a job able to produce economic development, wealth and diffused occupation.

During this new challenge, Emiliano and Diego involved new members that lead to the formation of the actual Team.

Alessandra Palentini, "communicator" of the group, has the capability to turn complex technical concepts into simple and effective words, understandable from all our potential partners and clients.

Lisanna Bassi, "the aesthete"  of the team, with an ability out of the commune to create images, site maps and other materials and documents able to move your feels and capable "to speak of itself". 

The team formed...

The group has set some ambitious objectives...  

It has reached them and went beyond...

It's setting new onces, that they will reach with success! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


© 2018 Adapt ev. 

Limited Liability Company L.t.d.

Spin-off / Start Up approved by the University IUAV of Venice

Social Cap. 10.000,00 €

Legal address: Contrà Pasini, 16

36100 Vicenza

VAT registration number 04090990245

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